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Rev. Rebecca Tollefson


4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Third Tuesday of February, April, June, August, October and December

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees manages the financial and property affairs of the Presbytery.  It recommends fiscal policy, provides financial reports, manages investments, maintains insurance, and provides for the annual financial review of the Presbytery’s accounts.  The Board is responsible for reviewing requests from congregations with respect to purchasing real property, selling real property, and obtaining loans secured by church property.  The Board reviews requests from congregations involving the leasing/rental of church property.


Board/Presbytery approval is required for congregations that are considering:

  • Buying property

  • Selling property

  • Leasing property to another organization

  • Applying for a mortgage or refinancing a mortgage


If your congregation contemplates any of these real estate transactions, please contact the Board Chair as early in the process as possible.  Please review the documents and packets listed below and complete the documents applicable to your specific transaction.  These documents must be submitted to the Board Chair 2 weeks before the Board meeting so that the Board can consider your request.

The Book of Order requires Presbytery approval (a) if a church is leasing "its real property used for purposes of worship any length of time, or (b) if it is leasing any other part of its real property for 5 years or more.   Because of the legal issues involved in leasing property, churches are strongly encouraged to use the Long-Term Lease form on this page for any lease of one year or more and to allow the Board of Trustees to assist in the process.  Please note that the phrase "used for purposes of worship" includes all spaces so used, not just a church's sanctuary, and the term "real property" includes both a church's building and its grounds.  For our Presbytery, the phrase "Presbytery approval" means Board of Trustees' approval because the Presbytery has delegated that responsibility to the Board.


The Board has developed specific procedures, forms, applications and resources to assist congregations with property-related decisions:


Property Loan Packet

Loan Refinance Packet

Construction Loan Packet

Property Sale Packet

Loan Policies and Guidelines

PTCA-LC - Long Term Lease Template 2021-10-26 FINAL (.docx file)

Short-Term Building Use Agreement Guideline and Sample Form

For more information about Presbytery approval of real property transactions, or to request time on the Board of Trustees’ agenda, please contact the Board Chair.

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