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Mission and Community Outreach

Mission and Community Outreach occurs through four grant programs:


  • Community Outreach Grants  – currently on hold while the Presbytery decides how to structure the program.

  • Mission Partner Grants – annual grants to groups that the Presbytery partners with to work on joint mission and ministry in the community, for example, the Minnesota Council of Churches.

  • Peace and Global Witness Offering Grants – annual grants to local organizations that promote peace and reconciliation funded from the Presbytery’s portion of the annual Peace and Global Witness special offering.

  • Self-Development of People Grants – annual grants that provide self-sufficiency funds to community-based groups seeking to address the root causes of poverty and injustice funded from the Presbytery’s annual  portion of the annual Self-Development of People special offering.

Click on the respective buttons below to learn more about each program.

2021-01-19 Ringing bells in honor of COV
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