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Mission Partner Grants

Mission Partner Grants are annual grants to groups that the Presbytery partners with to work on joint mission and ministry in the community, for example, the Minnesota Council of Churches.

Who can apply?  Congregations, worshipping communities, Presbytery committees, individual Presbytery members, and Presbytery partners.

What programs qualify?  Church and religious partnership, councils of churches, advocacy groups, and local mission service organizations.

How large are the grants?  Typically range from $1,000 to $5,000 but may be of any dollar amount if funds ae available.

How can you apply?   Contact the Chair of the Mission, Scholarship, and Grants Committee directly.

When can you apply?  Applications can be made at any time from January through June.  The Mission, Scholarship, and Grants Committee will typically act on them in July for inclusion in the Presbytery budget process.

Can you get assistance when applying?  The Mission, Scholarship, and Grants Committee will help any applicant determine whether they are eligible and how to apply.

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