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Rev. David Comstock


Meetings on Zoom until further notice

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Second Monday of each moth

Contact the Chair for additional information

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) guides, nurtures and oversees the process of preparing to become a minister of the Word and Sacrament, or to become commissioned ruling elder, in the Presbyterian Church (USA).   This is a shared discernment and preparation process between the individual and the church.  CPM is committed to exercising prayerful care for those preparing to be ordained or commissioned, and for the church as a whole. This discernment process is rigorous and demanding; it is also profoundly important as persons under care clarify their sense of call to ministry.  

Steps to Becoming an Inquirer: Seeker Phase
Steps for Moving from Inquirer to Candidate

Preparation for Ministry Resources and Forms:

CPM Manual (PCUSA)

Form 1A - Application to be Enrolled by Presbytery as an Inquirer
Form 1B - Questions for Reflection 
Form 1C - Financial Planning for Theological Education
Form 1D - Session Evaluation and Recommendations

Seeker Reference Form

Form 2A - Consultation Report - Becoming an Inquirer
Form 2B - Covenant Agreement and Inquirer Release

Form 3 - Pre-Interview Annual Consultation Report
Form 4 - Annual Consultation Evaluation

Form 5A - Application to be Enrolled by Presbytery as a Candidate
Form 5B - Session Recommendation for Enrollment as Candidate

Final Assessment Checklist
Field Education Agreement and Evaluation Form
CPM Field Education Equivalency Request Form


Bossman Scholarship Application Form
Livingston Fund Application Form


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