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Congregational Development Grants

Congregational Development Grants are annual grants for Presbytery congregations and worshipping communities.

Who can apply?  Congregations and worshipping communities individually or in partnership with each other.

What projects qualify?  Any project designed to revitalize a congregation or worshipping community’s ministry, develop a new form of ministry, grow healthy partnerships, and, most importantly, lead to new disciples and transformed lives.

How large are the grants?  Up to $20,000.  For a multi-year project, further awards are possible in later years but require a new application each year that may have to compete with other applicants for an award in that year.

How can you apply?  Applications should be made using the Congregational Development Grant Application form that can be found by clicking on the button below.

(Applications can also be made on the Application page by clicking "Apply" in the menu above.  Once the page appears, click on the Congregational Development Grant Application button.)

When can you apply?  The grant award process, is typically announced in early February of each year.    Applications are usually due before June 1.  This process becomes competitive if the grant requests in a given year exceed the available funds.

Can you get assistance when applying?  The Mission, Scholarship, and Grants Committee will help any applicant determine what funds to apply for and how to apply.

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