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Leadership Development Grants

Leadership Development Grants are grants intended to benefit individuals, their places of ministry, the Presbytery, and the wider church.


Who can apply?  Teaching Elders, Ruling Elders, Commissioned Ruing Elders, Deacons, other congregational leaders and members, church administrators, church educators, ministry program leaders, music leaders, young adult leaders, youth leaders, chaplains, inquirers, candidates, seminary students, Presbytery committee members and officers, and others at the discretion of the Mission, Scholarship, and Grants Committee.  Both individuals and groups can apply.

What events and programs qualify?  Congregational and other leadership training, continuing education learning opportunities, conferences, Christian Education training, interim ministry training, ministry leadership training, worship music and other music training, spiritual development, young adult ministry training, youth ministry training, exploring the call to vocation, and other programs at the discretion of the Mission, Scholarship, and Grants Committee.

How large are the grants?  For single events, up to $2,000 per person per event and up to $6,000 for multiple individuals from the same group (for example, from a congregation or a Presbytery committee).

For a single series of learning, spiritual, and training development opportunities, up to $4,000 for an individual and up to $8,000 for multiple individuals from the same group.

For ongoing leadership groups of up to six people, up to $10,000.

For Presbytery committees and large groups, grants for any amount will be considered.

For scholarships, the amount is dependent on the terms of the scholarship fund.

How can you apply?  Applications should be made using the Leadership Development Grant Application form that can be found by clicking on the button below.

(Applications can also be made on the Application page by clicking "Apply" in the menu above.  Once the page appears, click on the Leadership Development Grant Application button.)

When can you apply?  Applications can be made at any time and the Mission, Scholarship, and Grants Committee will typically act on them quarterly.  However, if prompt action is needed, please highlight this in the application and any covering communication, and the Committee will consider immediate action.

Can you get assistance when applying?  The Mission, Scholarship , and Grants Committee will help any applicant determine what funds to apply for and how to apply.

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