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Team Coordinator:


Pastoral Positions Team

The members of the Pastoral Positions Team assist congregations that are experiencing a transition in pastoral leadership, including orienting, resourcing and guiding Pastor Nominating Committees in their search process; assisting sessions and/or personnel committees to secure transitional (interim) leadership; and assisting congregations with other transitional positions including Designated Pastors and Stated Supply Pastors. If a congregation is not sure of their future pastoral needs, PPT will suggest consultation with the Congregational Discernment Team.


Vision:  (Why would we do this?)

To accompany all congregations without pastoral leadership, guiding them through the process from the dissolution of a previous call to the approval by the congregation and Presbytery of new pastoral leadership, whether installed or by contract, both Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Commissioned Ruling Elders; and to maintain regular relationship with congregations with temporary forms of pastoral leadership.


Identity:  (Who is this team?)

The Pastoral Positions Team (PPT) will have five to eight Teaching and Ruling Elders with experience in the call and transitional processes and passion for supporting congregations during periods of pastoral transition.  The PPT will collaborate with the Nominating and Leader Development Committee with respect to nomination of persons to serve on the PPT for replacements, and PPT membership will reflect as possible the Presbytery’s diversity.  Terms will be for three years, renewable once.

Useful Resources

MDP Competency Worksheets - CLICK HERE

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