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Rev. Bart Rousch


As needed.


The Personnel Committee is a committee of the Presbytery Leadership Team, serves in an advisory capacity to PLT and is accountable to PLT, which has overall responsibility for the health, ministry and mission of the Presbytery.  The Personnel Committee develops personnel policies and an Employee Handbook for consideration and approval by PLT. 


The Committee supports the Presbytery’s staff, uses best practices that affirm the values of our Presbytery, encourages professional growth and development for all staff, and acts as a support group for the staff.


The Committee develops staff position descriptions as directed by PLT and recommends position descriptions for all staff members to PLT.  The Committee reviews staff compensation packages, and recommends adjustments, always attentive to the Presbytery’s focus on equity and equality, including equal employment opportunity practices, as well as representation practices in the employment of staff members.  The Committee also provides for a review process for staff, in conjunction with the Executive Presbyter, and as directed by PLT; the Committee conducts the annual performance evaluation of the Executive Presbyter, receives reports from the Executive Presbytery on performance evaluations of other staff, and reports to PLT such information as appropriate.


Personnel Committee members have a passion for dealing fairly with employees.  Experience with human resource issues and staff management can be helpful skills.

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