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Rev. Kendra Grams

Rev. Brian Entz

Task Force Coordinator:

Rev. Anna Kendig Flores

Anti-Racism Task Force

The ARTF was formed by the PTCA’s Presbytery Leadership Team (PLT) in 2016 as a response to the murder of Philando Castile. We came together with a commitment to go beyond “statements” responding to crises and to start embodying justice-seeking transformation and anti-racist spiritual growth in the light of the gospel.

Our purpose: To live the gospel by identifying and eliminating racist narratives, practices, procedures, structures, etc. within the PTCA, seeking truly transformed, healed and liberated ways of living together, and equipping and empowering congregations and congregational leaders to do likewise in their churches and communities​.

Our core work:


  • Basic anti-racism resourcing for congregations by request, and through the PTCA’s bi-weekly email Emerge (sign up HERE for Emerge emails from the presbytery)

  • Unique anti-racist spiritual development conversations via webinars, roundtables, and other resources

  • Supporting the ongoing efforts and implementation of results from the Institutional Race and Equity Self-Assessment of the presbytery. Learn more HERE


In addition, one of our key ongoing efforts is the PTCA Anti-Racism Spiritual Pilgrimage. In this 9-month virtual “pilgrimage” experience, we help participants directly engage the legacy of racism and resistance in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin through Zoom/in-person encounters of truth telling, reflection, and action — guided by the voices and/or scholarship of Black, Indigenous, and people of color community leaders. You can learn more about the pilgrimage and our cohort experiences for white people and People of Color by contacting our Anti-Racism Coordinator below.


Who we are: At the request of leaders of color in our presbytery who asked that the work be carried forward primarily by those who need to engage it most, the ARTF is predominantly, but not solely, made up of white congregants and congregational leaders. We are congregants, parish pastors, ruling elders, and engaged in our wider communities. We structure our work in accountability to anti-racist leaders of color via direct feedback and conversation in a structured format.


To connect with the Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF):


→ To sign up for occasional emails around race & equity educational opportunities, reflections and more, click HERE


→ To read what’s currently going on with our Race & Equity Self-Assessment (see above) click HERE

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