Presbytery Seeks Candidates for Transitional Executive Presbyter

The Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area is seeking a Transitional Executive Presbyter who will lead the presbytery as it commits to being a body of action, striving for peace and justice, and focusing on its call to dismantle structural racism. The Transitional Executive Presbyter will be a collaborative leader, an attentive listener, thoughtful in discernment, and committed to servant leadership.


The transitional executive must be comfortable serving in a presbytery of over 60 churches and worshiping communities, covering urban, suburban, and rural areas, and be able to collaborate with and empower local leaders, building a broad coalition of leadership that is able to address local needs and maintain shared commitments.


This is a full-time position, contracted for two years. Candidates may apply by emailinggmilloy@lakesandprairies.org. MIF #72584.AA0 on the CLC website (clc.pcusa.org).

Pastoral Care Team Ready to Help

While pastoral leadership is meaningful and life giving, it can also be a lonely and isolating pursuit. Those who give pastoral care often are in need of some themselves. A new program from the Pastoral Leader Care Team has nine pastoral colleagues prepared to offer pastoral care and emotional support to Teaching Elders (pastors and those in specialized ministries) of our Presbytery. 


Is grief, illness or stress taking a toll on you? Would you like someone to talk to, whether once or on an on-going basis? Maybe you know someone else who might? Ours is a ministry of confidential, peer-to-peer conversation—someone available to listen and support you pastorally—not therapy or spiritual direction. If you’d like to know more, please contact Rev. Heidi Bolt, COM coordinator, at bolt.heidi@gmail.com and (651) 388-9584.