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Please join us in welcoming Rev. Elizabeth "Libby" Shannon

as the PTCA Transitional Executive Presbyter!

The Presbytery Leadership Team is pleased to announce that we have unanimously accepted the search committee’s nomination for the position of Transitional Executive Presbyter, and welcome the Rev. Elizabeth “Libby” Shannon to the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area. Libby will be starting virtually on August 22nd and will be in the office no later than October 3rd, 2022. I encourage you to read the letters from the committee and from Libby to get to know her better.

We would like to give thanks to the incredible search committee who worked as quickly and efficiently as possible. The members accepted the invitation to maneuver through the system and did so decently and totally in order. They represented the Presbytery well and were willing to spend their time for the best outcome for us all. Now, please read on and help us welcome Libby to the Presbytery!

In Peace,
Jean Emmons, PLT Chair

Pastoral Care Team Ready to Help

While pastoral leadership is meaningful and life giving, it can also be a lonely and isolating pursuit. Those who give pastoral care often are in need of some themselves. A new program from the Pastoral Leader Care Team has nine pastoral colleagues prepared to offer pastoral care and emotional support to Teaching Elders (pastors and those in specialized ministries) of our Presbytery. 


Is grief, illness or stress taking a toll on you? Would you like someone to talk to, whether once or on an on-going basis? Maybe you know someone else who might? Ours is a ministry of confidential, peer-to-peer conversation—someone available to listen and support you pastorally—not therapy or spiritual direction. If you’d like to know more, please contact Rev. Heidi Bolt, COM coordinator, at and (651) 388-9584.

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